Sam Edelman Inara Scallop Block Heel Sandals Camel aifd5

Sam Edelman Inara Scallop Block Heel Sandals Camel aifd5
Suede scallop detail block heel sandals. Block heel, 1.5".Open toe. Suede upper. Side buckle closure. Synthetic lining. Synthetic sole. Imported.
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Latetia Venter

After you completed a presentable art peace, i find it hard to focus again and start a new project. Very good article.

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Starting over is never easy, especially after spending so much time and energy on your previous project. I don’t know about you, but I always feel a bit sad and emotionally drained after finishing a longer work. I’m never sure if that is because I hesitate to let the finished project go, or the fact that now I have to start over and face the terrifying blank page again.

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Friday or Call Me Maybe | Words Remember

[…] –this article on just starting, even if only for ten minutes, resonated with me. Himself works long hours, we homeschool, wehave three kids, and at some point during the day eating and cleaning must also be done, not to mention the myriad of social activities I signed them up for so I don’t feel guilty about the socializing thing, so frequently I only have small snippets of time. It’s encouraging to be reminded that those small snippetsmatter. […]

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This is all very true and I wish I could get myself to just sit down for 10min and create whatever I can during those precious 10min. BUT, waking up everyday at 6.30am, working full time, commuting.. I get home and all I want to do is have some food, switch my brain off and relax. Then I get to the weekend and I do manage to get myself to sit down and write for at least an hour, but then the weekend is the only time I have to grab a drink with friends and socialise. So I often find myself having to chose between neglecting my social life – with all the nasty feelings that come with that – and work on something creative.

Anyway, I’m not saying it is not possible but it is not that easy either. Those few hours after work when you’re not working and you’re not sleeping don’t have the same quality as the ones when you’re brain is fresh and your body isn’t tired.


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You’re absolutely right Mariana it is anything but easy. For me at least, I find those token 10 minute frantic creative sessions to be symbolic more than anything else. More than anything, I hate that feeling when one day of not writing, then three days, then a week, and before I know it—it’s been six months since I’ve done anything productive. If I manage to somehow squeeze in those 10-20 minutes of writing in between everything else going on in my life, I feel as if I at least made the effort. I know it’s not much, but sometimes you just have to take what you can get and understand that things won’t always be like this….hopefully ;)

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By Cate Gable

Published on October 26, 2010 12:01AM

At sundown last week a dredge works near the Port of Chinook in Baker Bay.

Above, an 1851 chart shows deep, navigable water in the pre-settlement bay.

BAKER BAY - The dredging crane working these last weeks in Baker Bay gives an incomplete picture of the complexity of the issues lurking in the silt and sand below the surface of the bay.

The political clout needed to annually lobby for federal dredging funds is taking its toll on Chinook and Ilwaco port managers, Dan Todd and Jim Neva respectively, and other local fisheries advocates. Dredging every two or three years is a must to keep the ports open.

Todd put it bluntly, "If we lose Murray in this election, we could lose our earmark for dredging."

"Some years there's money and some years there's not. Senator Murray is on the waterways and transportation committee and she has a lot of pull. She holds the President's ear because she is so high ranking," he continued.

"Baird and Murray have made sure we get our appropriations for dredging, but this election makes me very nervous. The last time we had a Republican Senate and Congress, there was no money for small ports and we went several years with no dredging. I lost boats because of it."

"We've got to fight for every dollar we get. A lot of people don't understand that," he added.

The funds for dredging Baker Bay for port access come primarily from federal allocations. First money is "appropriated" but that is not the end of the story because that appropriation must be funded. Once the funding is established, the project must still be voted on and approved. It is a complex and arcane political dance.

Funds for the current dredging project were appropriated in past years and boosted by recent stimulus monies. But why are the ports reliant on these federal funds and why is dredging so vital to Pacific County fisheries?

Disappearing Deep Water Channel The history of the Columbia River is one marked by politics, broken promises and power struggles, perhaps none so clearly focused as those in our backyard, at its mouth, a territory from the Megler Bridge to the Columbia bar.

Newcomers take it for granted that Baker Bay and the ports of Ilwaco and Chinook need regular dredging so that channels will be navigable to commercial and recreational fishing vessels. But this silting-up problem is a man-made dilemma, largely politically induced.

"The deep water channel in the Columbia River was deliberately moved years ago," said Kathleen Sayce, science officer for ShoreBank Pacific. "The Army Corps of Engineers created groins - a wood wall that starts on the beach and goes into the water - and jetties that changed the Columbia River and impacted our Baker Bay ports."

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