Samsonite Cityscape Tech 173 Laptop Backpack Black 7NVt7pn

Samsonite Cityscape Tech 17.3 Laptop Backpack Black 7NVt7pn
Founded in 1910, Samsonite's dedication to innovation and modernity has made it a defining name in the world of travel. Punctuated with subtle branding, the Cityscape Tech backpack is fitted with an RFID protected compartment and 17.3" laptop pouch, alongside an array of other pockets, while a mesh back with padded straps and top handle cater for practicality. (Height 49cm, width 36.5cm, depth 25 / 30.5cm)Samsonite laptop backpackZip closureTop carry handle, ergonomic shoulder straps, zipped front pocket with padded tablet pouch, rip tape fastening pocket with four card slots, USB and pen slot, zipped main compartment with tablet pocket and document pocket, rear padded laptop pocket for 17.3" laptop, expandable, RFID protected pocketUse specialist cleanerCapacity: 26 34L1.3kgHeight 49cm, width 36.5cm, depth 25 / 30.5cm

Transforming Our Region From Within

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Our Region is Transforming

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Renewing our community for all to thrive and lead fulling lives

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Revitalization of our Economy Infrastructure to support this and future generations of residents

Creating Sense of Place

Creating sense of place where all residents love where they live, work and play

Reframing for Opportunity

Reframing both the ways we live and think about our community

Funding our Future

Changing the way we fund and plan for projects and transformational change

In order to reach our vision through the collective efforts of our community, we can follow the strategic plan for transformation, or TMAP. The TMAP contains the sequenced projects, as well as the expected outputs and outcomes.

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Project News Updates

The Great Neighborhoods project engages neighborhoods to focus on the assets that they have and to begin mapping them. Every neighborhood has attributes that make it a Great Neighborhood; things that make it great, unique, and desirable. Every neighborhood also has some challenges. We want to help recognize the good, and help you work with

Last fall, the Collective Impact Project team hosted the first of a series of workshops to help our community identify to apply the collective impact approach to a complex social issue. The team partnered with Tamarack Institute to facilitate the process and help build local capacity. Five priority areas were considered: poverty reduction, employment

Rockford Leadership Alliance (RLA) is a focused, thematic leadership development program designed for business executives and high potential leaders in the Rockford region. RLA’s annual focus is oriented towards addressing critical leadership gaps identified in the Rockford business community. The foundation for the experience is a six-session workshop series, starting in September of the year,

You have influence and the ability to positively impact your community and world. No matter where your influence is—in your family, school, work or church—when you commit to grow your leadership, everyone around you wins! Join 445,000+ people around the world for two days of world-class leadership training. Experience this event in our region at:

Opportunities exist for all community members to influence the future as we become a Top 25 community. The transformation is already underway. You can follow the region’s transformation progress and get involved by signing up for our newsletter and learning more.

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Mark West

Read on to find out why I learnt JavaScript by programming robots, and get some hints for how you can join the nodebot revolution.

Why JavaScript?

Almost all my programming experience comes from writing server-side code with Java and Spring, but as a wise man once sang, the times they are a-changing. The Java Platform now supports multiple languages from different programming paradigms and technologies such as node.js have brought JavaScript to the server side. Our toolbox is evolvingand we developers need to make sure that we are not left behind!


So why did I choose to begin with JavaScript?. To start with, $$$. The market is crying out for JavaScript developers! In addition, you can pretty much create a full stack application with JavaScript. For an old backend developer like me, JavaScript knowledge will open up the front end, while giving me alternative tools for both server side (i.e. node.js) and database (i.e. TaffyDB) development.

The JavaScript ecosystem is undergoing a huge amount of innovation right now. New libraries and frameworks are becoming available constantly. For me this makes JavaScript an exciting place to be, with seemingly limitless possibilities.

And finally, Atwood's Law statesthat any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript. If this turns out to be accuratethen we can all expect to writesome JavaScript at some point in our lives as developers!

The Arduino Uno is a credit card sized microcontroller board that with almost limitless potential. You can connect it to a wide range of sensors (i.e. sound and temperature) and actuators (i.e. leds and motors). The Arduino Uno is relatively cheap, proven and has a thriving community.

A main motivator for using the Uno was that I had one lying around in the office, so I could get cracking straight away! Note that theres lots of alternatives to the Arduino Uno, such as the Raspberry PI, Netduino and Spark Core as well as other Arduino models. All of these alternatives have different strengths and weaknesses, and should be evaluated depending on the goal of your project.

Toperform the following steps you'll need an Arduino Uno, a USB Cableand a laptop.

First, lets set up the Arduino Uno so that it is ready for accepting JavaScript commands:

What we have done here is install the Saint Laurent Cheetah Print Shirt Dress Women Viscose 36 Black rd1zK
on the Arduino Uno. This protocol willallow us to use JavaScript (or other languages) to control the board via a . Simply put, Firmata is an API running on the Arduino which the JavaScript (or any other language) running on your laptop can call to manipulate the Arduino.

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